Re: 3 guys JREF We pay taxes for real investigations, not cover ups

(1) The statement taken from the two guys, where it was taken and who took it and what attempts to verify it were made (or do we just accept what people say without asking for confirmation?).
We are computer consultants and we pay taxes for professional criminal investigators to look into crimes. We as citizens have the right to trust them to do their job and do a proper investigation of 9/11. When there is a report by Scott Forbes to the FBI, and they do not call him back, that is a Red Flag that someone was negligent at the FBI. The FBI should have takend his statement, as they do every day. That is outrageous.
The FBI spent millions of dollars and failed to respond to Steve? WTF! We need to know why leads are not properly followed up on – if anything to answer any questions about them. The buck stops with Robert Mueller who is apparently corrupt and should be fired.
(2) The name of the company they worked for, what bulding they were in, what floor they were on. This can be then easily checked.
Why was the power down not mentioned in thet 9/11 Commission Report?
You should know what a good investigation is, from your father. We just want standard investigative procedure. We want at least the quality for 9/11 that a 7/11 store robbery would get. A good investigator does not ignore something because he thinks there is nothing suspicious there. He turns over every stone.
When someone robs a 7/11 we don’t have a commission of non-law enforcement officers or non-scientist blame some guy in Afghanistan, and talk about how to prevent a future robbery.
A real criminal investigation was not done. We want one. We deserve one Better late than never.
Only 40% of Americans believe the Official Story.
Only about 10% in Russia believe it, according to Oksana.
For example, my brother in law knows 9/11 was an inside job and laughs at the 40% gullible Americans.
But the good new is that the Falsers are becoming a fringe minority.
I’d rather be a Truther than a Falser – a believer in false stories.
You think of good things to check out on Scott Forbes. But totally fail to check out Dick Cheney. How about his conflicting times in the White House Situation Room? How about his taking over control of the shoot down orders prior to 9/11. How about his lies about WMDs in Iraq?
You could be a good criminal investigator if you would apply your skepticism in both directions.
Now, you think of more reasons NOT to investigate something than doing your job to follow up on all possible leads.
I don’t know if it is laziness or what, but it is incompetent for a law enforcement officer.
You willingly refuse to investigate obvious clues, not good.
You would let half-way clever criminals get away with murder.
In this case you are letting mass murderers get away with it.
This topic of Steve Forbes has already been covered on JREF covered this with 2 threads.
I read them, mostly just childish mockery (“twoofers”), but none of them convincingly refuting the reports of the power outage, using logic or science.
I go with physics and science.
(3) When they claimed the power went off and when it went on.
Scott has consistently said Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. He didn’t significantly “change his story”.
(4) The name of other people they worked with who can collarborate their story
Scott is not the “only one”. Gary Corbett and Ben Fountain spoke about the power down on the news.
3 is enough to investigate it.
(5) Did they really work for the companies they claim? We can call the companies, and say they used them as a reference, and ask to verify they really worked at those companies.
Steve Forbes can be reached via messaging on his
FYI: Fiduciary Trust Company was in:
WTC1 Floor 90
WTC2 Floors 94, 97
96 of their employees killed on 9/11

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