Re: Scott Forbes IT guy: Unprecedented 30 hour power down of WTC towers September 8-9, 2001

(1) So you have Scott Forbes and Ben Fountain’s statements by affidavit? Can you send those? Or lacking affidavit, can you send their email address with the statements and where they make them? (Presumably, not in Mark Basille’s garage).
(2) It took seven months and 400 people to wire the largest CD every conducted in the US, a building of 37 stories, unoccupied. You are suggesting three massively larger buildings of a combined 250 stories were wired for CD in occupied offices. And now you are saying this was done in 30 days? Is there nothing that sets off your bullshit meter? The claim is more ridiculous than space aliens, AND I don’t care if you want to argue space aliens, you need a white paper that shows the mechanics of it signed off by a Demolition Company—any one you want to cherry pick.
It just does not get more crazy than this claim.
But, hey, I’m good with your crazy stuff. Just back up the claim. You can start with how they got into the locked offices with security cameras. How they hid the smell from the blow torches, how they brought the building down without removing the non-load bearing walls; how they got the charges to go off after a massive collision and fire. How it is the FBI interviewed thousands of people and nobody mentioned the power being off. (I would think ConED in NYC would have record of the power off).
Mr. X
On Fri, Nov 8, 2013 at 7:23 AM, Mr. X wrote:

In the weekend before 9/11 there was an unprecedented
30 hour power down, as reported by many WTC workers
including LAN Administrator Scott Forbes, and Ben Fountain.
All security cameras were off, providing the perfect opportunity
to plant explosives. The power down was not mentioned
in the official report, despite Scott’s repeated attempts to
bring it to the Commission’s attention.
Bomb sniffing dogs were removed 5 days prior to 9/11.
This is highly suspicious in itself. Again and again,
there are hundreds of suspicious things about 9/11,
from the power shut down to Larry’s contradicting himself
on Charlie Rose about his “doctor appointment” yet
being “er..uh..home”.
Don’t be duped. Get informed. Be suspicious. 
Mr. Y

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