Two Guys

Just to follow up on your guillible story about two IT guys who say the power went out for 30 hours, a claim I’d bet $1000 is pure bullshit, here is what we need,
(1) The statement taken from the two guys, where it was taken and who took it and what attempts to verify it were made (or do we just accept what people say without asking for confirmation?).
(2) The name of the company they worked for, what bulding they were in, what floor they were on. This can be then easily checked.
(3) When they claimed the power went off and when it went on.
(4) The name of other people they worked with who can collarborate their story. Absent that—-why am I just hearing about this now after twelve years, and why didn’t they talk to the FBI investigators?—I need a ConED report on the outtage of a confirmation from TKTS who was in the buildings or some other people who remember such an outttage. But let’s just start with their companies, floor and building. It should be simple enough to check to see if this matches up (i.e., that the company they say they worked for was really on that floor in that building)
(5) Did they really work for the companies they claim? We can call the companies, and say they used them as a reference, and ask to verify they really worked at those companies.
Fortunately for me, the New York Times isn’t one millionth as gullible as you.
Mr. X

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