Web site discussion of 9/11 via WordPress

Mr. X says:
How can we have a website discussion on 911 when you won’t provide any evidence for the claims you make? You mean we should create a website where you make things up—no matter how ridiculous—and I have to refute those claims? Yeah. LOL.
Mr. Y says: WordPress will make it much easier for me to provide evidence, with hyperlinks and references.  For example 5 studies in Independent Peer Reviewed Scientific Journals (IPRSJ) refuting the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT).   www.911Experiments.com  
You have no link to IPRSJs or any scientist who explains how 6 ton steel beams flew 600 feet sideways at 60 mph with enough force to stick into the American Express Building.  That is a ridiculous claim.
Case in point: some guy named Steve tells you that the WTC building power was done for 30 hours. You do nothing to check his claim, no independent verification, zero.
Yes there has been a lot of discussion on JREF, so much that it needed 2 threads.  Also there are videos of him speaking as well as Gary Corbett and mention of Ben Fountain
Think about this. The WTC shuts down for 30 hours, the most iconic and pretty buildings in all NY go dark, theater goers can’t get to TKTS (in WTC2) so seats go unsold, Morgan Stanley has to stop trading on Japanese and UK financial markets (WTC1), tourists can’t go to the top, that whole industry is suddenly dead, no one knows why,
You mention companies and activities that go on Monday through Friday.  The power down was from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, according to Scott.
the “Top of the World” restaurant has to close,
Windows on the World is what you mean, and it was in WTC 1, not 2
WTC2 did not have tourists on weekends.
the NY City 24 x 7 crises center (WTC7) is shut down, and you don’t think this makes the front page of every NYC newspaper—-WTC dark, TKTS shutdown, tourists stranded? This is something you could check off the NY Times online in five minutes.
The NY Times has proven they will refuse to cover any news about 9/11
Do you check? No. You just swallow the story from a Truther, no collaboration, not even five minutes, and you send this obvious bullshit to me. The crazy thing is you think some Senator is going to buy a horseshit story like this?
Did you check the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT)?  You seem to swallow the story from a known liar, Dick Cheney.  The Huffington Post found so many they could only list the Top 10 Lies (Part 1)
Hey “steel can’t go sideway, and I’m not going to address the eight arguments you made as to why the explosives could not have been used, I’m not going to check with a civil engineering firm five minutes from my house.
You really have to check with a civil engineering firm to see if steel falls down or sideways?   Have you noticed what gravity does in your years on this planet?   Do you remember the topic of gravity in your high school physics class?
Nope. I’m going to accuse Dick Cheney of doing exactly what I’m doing, which is making things up, not checking and accusing others without evidence.”
How about Dick Cheney and the Bush Admninistration accusing Osama Bin Laden without any evidence.  FBI spokesman Rex Tombs said there was not enough evidence to formally charge (indict) Bin Laden for 9/11.  Yet we went to war on that assumption?
What kind of website would your crazy arguments make? Who would take that seriously? Your entire set of arguments is just you making up stories and
Whether this WordPress web site has crazy arguments depends on you.
 pretending you have journal published white papers.
Do you have any published papers explaining how the steel got stuck in the AmEx?

Why didn’t Dr. Sham Sunder of NIST publish any studies in an IPRSJournal  about his “thermal expansion” theory.  It has never gone through the scientific method or independent peer review.  Because it is b.s.
Tell you what. Visit a civil engineering firm to get basic facts about steel verified before you accuse people of mass murder, and I’ll participate in your website.
The Presentation Team of http://www.AE911Truth.org schedules visits to civil engineering firms, and there are over 240 on the Petition.  They know the basic facts about steel, that it cannot weaken enough to collapse just from a fire, and that is why they signed.   These include Harvard and Yale graduates.  www.ANETA.org/AE911Truth/petition/summary
Mr. X.

On Fri, Nov 8, 2013 at 6:42 PM, Mr. Y wrote:

We have pretty much written a book by now about 9/11, and pretty good stuff.
We like to write, so I propose we benefit from it, and let the world benefit from it, and move our discussion to WordPress.
1. WordPress is the most popular system for making web sites.
2. There is paying work in it, even through temp agencies.
If worse comes to worse, in DC we can do WordPress as we did WordPerfect
3. We can tell our wives we are developing job skills, not just goofing around about 9/11
We will naturally get better at it, just by using the system,
experimenting with WordPress templates, layouts, etc.
4. Other people can benefit from our insights and ideas.
5. Avoiding repetition, since we can see what we already typed
6. Make it easier to share diagrams, photos, videos, and peer reviewed papers
7. We can benefit from advertising dollars we can split 50/50
or if we make a book about it, we split the profit.
8. Other people can comment on our responses, so we get feedback
Here are some proposed ground rules
1) We should not use our names, must Mr. X (You, from the IC)
and me Mr. Y (asking why, the questioner).
2) We should be civil, with no naughty words,
responding to but not deleting each others posts
3) Not mention anything about our families
Agree to remove anything we feel is over the top.
I know a lady who is recently learned WordPress. She is getting jobs  through CraigsList and regularly earning $30 from my house in the afternoons after her round. So working with WordPress (and others such as Joomla and Drupal) can make us invincible, even if the US Government goes bankrupt. It is just good to know that we have the Word Press Association to fall back on like the good old days.
Here is the proposed site and you have full Editor Rights
Sound good?
Mr. Y

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