Big 9/11 signs in NY, Fund use by AE911Truth

—– Original Message —–
From: Mr. X.
To:  Mr. Y
Sent: Monday, November 11, 2013 12:57 PM
Subject:  Best use of donations?
I see that Gage took in $289,000 in 2012, but in 2011 he took in $469,362 which includes $91,252 expenses listed as “Other.” Other means not spelled out, not travel or hotels or meals or ads or salary.
Means gathers around sattva.  Good causes get support.   Richard is very careful with the money, from my experience, and it is not all his decision.  The AE911Truth Board of Directors has the final say, and hires Richard.
So he’s got you and Chris Mohr running around scrapping up a few dollars to pay an independent lab, in a year in which he had almost a half mil in his pocket.
For once I agree with you 100% – that more money should go for scientific research.  Then we get free publicity that cannot be bought – by scientists and highly educated readers of Independent Peer Reviewed Scientific Journals (IPRSJs). 
Other expenses in 2010 were $27,305. Don’t yet know what it is for 2012, but you can bet it is much higher than the fee to have a civil engineering firm verify the collapse and steel claims.
There is no need to pay any civil engineering firms a penny.  There are already representatives of hundreds of civil engineering firms on the Petition, and many have made video statements.   Experts Speak Out has been broadcast for months on Colorado Public TV.
Mike Gravel was “paid” to speak at Truther events. We know this because he’s listed on the tax forms. If you pay somebody to speak, does that constitute endorsement? The payments have stopped btw, and so has Gravel’s participation. You won’t see Gravel anymore at Truther events (unless you decide to pay him). I guess mass murder isn’t motivation enough for him.
Senator Gravel has many causes he supports.   The honorarium helps pay for his flight and hotel, and is standard practice.   Are you saying Obama does not believe what he says because he is being paid?
Rep. Dan Hamburg (D-Ca), whom you site, isn’t in the House or Senate. He’s currently on the Board of supervisors in Mindecino County where his website lists his support for the sex crazy Fiji based guru “Bubba Free John” or as he became known after the sex scandals,
Rep. Hamburg is still respected by the citizens to be elected to the Board.    Evaluate the Science of 9/11, and stop trying to find any scandals to pin on people (ad hominem) to avoid having to think.  Bubba is irrelevant to the Steel Flying into the AmEx.  Besides, Maharishi was accused of sex scandals.   Accusations do not mean the was proof.
I’ve now called 12 civil engineering names of which I was able to reach three people, none of  whom has done any mathematical or civil engineering work or analysis to substantiate putting their name on Gage’s petition.
Oh, so you called 3 and they agreed we need a New Investigation to include the investigation of explosives.  Then you now are extending the goal post, so they have to write an engineering analysis paper?  They can’t just tell you?
None (except Tom McLaughlin) was willing to state for the record that they support the CD theory. Most the number or email did not work. Is this ethical?
I also emailed that astronaut you cited (Buzz?) who lives in Florida with a polite note, and I received no reply.
Maybe because it was not Buzz Aldrin but Captain Edgar Mitchel,  Doctor of Science (Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT).   You emailed him but don’t remember his name?  He list one of the top patriots listed at
Can you ethically count that name if there is no reply? How about if you call and the number belongs to somebody else? Is that ethical to still refer to the person as a supporter? I was a member of PETA ten years ago. Can they still count me as a member? I don’t believe they do. I’d be surprised if they did. Certainly, I’d question their ethics.
You did not have to fill out a Petition with your background information, and spend 1/2 hour faxing in your credentials.  The Petition Signers had to do this in order to get by the Verification Team, which is watching like a hawk for any Falsers trying to put a fake name on the Petition.
Gage keeps saying “2000 Arch and Eng” even though by casual glance you can see this is a lie—-there isn’t more than 600 A&E names. Is this ethical?
Dont’ give it a casual glance.  That is your problem.  Read their statements.  Listen to their testimony in their own words on video.  
Gage wrote the following letter to the NY Times:

From David Chandler asking for NYTimes support:
Architects, engineers and scientists who challenge the NIST report state that free-fall could have only been achieved by removing all of the building’s columns simultaneously with explosives.

Thermite can’t bring anything down simultaneously, it burns through. It does not explose like say TNT. It is not an explosive. So it would appear that Chandler does not support the claim for thermite.

It would cost Gage about $10,000 tops out of a half million to obtain legitimacy from a civil engineering firm.

AE911Truth already has plenty of legitimacy, and Petition Signers, from over 200 civil engineering firms.

Instead he has his people spend their time writing to the NY Times, which of course has no interest without verification.

The NY Times is supposed to verify things from both sides.  It did not question the Official Conspiracy Theory.  It ignores 9/11 Truth even when a big sign is across the street.  This shows that they are a propaganda outlet.

Gage is in the business of raising money for himself so he does not have to work.

Richard Gage enjoyed his work as an architect, and now enjoys spreading truth.  He is a hard worker.

Mr. X.


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