The purpose of the Association for Nine Eleven Truth Awareness is to:

  • Educate the public about the events of September 11, 2001

  • Promote camaraderie and harmonious relations among 9/11 Truth Activists

  • Lobby Congress for a New Investigation with subpoena and prosecuting power.

  • Counteract lobbyists for the military industrial complex on Capitol Hill

  • Promote the signing of petitions for a new, independent investigation.

  • List blogs and forums that provide fair debate and discussion, free from undue censorship, to evolve coherent, scientific theories.

  • List good causes for donations for 9/11 Truth, while not competing with them..

  • Provide a Code of Ethics for 9/11 Truth Activists

  • Provide resources for 9/11 Truth Activists to improve their local advertising, communications, and promotions

  • Promote new scientific research about 9/11, and replication of studies

  • Support conferences, seminars by local groups to help promote 9/11 Truth

  • Provide an organizational banner for activists who are not Architects & EngineersPilots, or Fire Fighters
    “a 9/11 truth group name for the rest of us”

ANETA is an all volunteer based non-profit organization
and an independent AE911Truth Action Group

Association for Nine Eleven Truth Awareness - Washington, DC

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